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Wheelchair Softball Australia currently use 2 netball courts at Sweeney Reserve, Berwick, VIC for games and training. Casey Softball and the City of Casey have allowed this to be possible. This has been a great starting point for the sport. However, the area is smaller than the specifications of the NWSA and future plans would be to build a NWSA approved ballpark. This would allow for games and training on a proper ballpark and Australia could host both national and international wheelchair softball championships and tournaments.

Across the USA, fields are built using specifications designed by NWSA and generally cost over $400,000USD. Concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces are preferred in wheelchair softball to maximize the performance abilities of the players. Rubberized surfaces and other soft surfaces can work for a team to practice on, but soft surfaces are not preferred by NWSA Wheelchair softball teams.

Although many dedicated wheelchair softball fields have been built in the last 25 years, new teams and several current teams still use parking lots in their communities for practices and tournaments. Temporary fencing and white duct tape can easily convert a parking lot into a wheelchair softball field ready for tournament play. The NWSA Wheelchair Softball World Series are held in the parking lots of sporting arenas or shopping malls.

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