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International Wheelchair Softball


Photo courtesy of Team USA Wheelchair Softball and KWSA (Team USA Wheelchair Softball Facebook Page)

International Wheelchair Softball (WSA) in Australia is in the very early stages of establishment. Wheelchair Softball Australia is working very closely with the International Wheelchair Softball Federation (IWSF) and the National Wheelchair Softball Assciastion (NWSA) as well as Softball Australia, Softball Victoria and Casey Softball to establish tournaments and competitions here in Australia. With the rules and regulations being the same used by all international associations, WSA is about giving players with physical disabilities the opportunity to travel and play wheelchair softball overseas, representing Australia in international tournaments. The NWSA and IWSF have helped establish wheelchair softball in the USA, Japan, Ghana, South Korea, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, France, Nigeria and more recently, India. These competitions and tournaments are utilising rules and regulations developed by the NWSA and IWSF.

At the moment, WSA, with the assistance of Casey Softball and the City of Casey have been able to use 2 netball courts at Sweeney Reserve, Berwick to setup and play wheelchair softball under the rules and regulations established by the NWSA and the IWSF. Whilst the field is smaller than the regulations set out by the IWSF and NWSA, the same equipmemt, diamond size, pitching distance, fielding restrictions and classification guidelines are being used. More detailed information on this can be found under The Game heading. 

The WSA is hopeful to have tournaments in place for the summer of 2021 or 2022, should the current COVID-19 restrictions on sport in Victoria be eased. The first tournament will be at Sweeney Reserve, Berwick. Be sure to check our website regularly for updates or send us an email using our contact page.

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